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eMoney Advisor, LLC (“eMoney”) is the only wealth-planning system for financial advisors that offers superior transparency, accessibility, security, and organization for everything that affects their clients’ financial lives. A technology envisioned and created by advisors for advisors, eMoney’s award-winning software and resources are tailored to transform the advisor’s ability to implement comprehensive financial plans and prepare clients for a secure financial future. In an increasingly digital world, eMoney continuously reinvents its wealth-management platform by keeping pace with cutting-edge technology trends. eMoney enables advisors to focus on client retention, the growth of their practice and, most importantly, putting their clients first—all through the infusion of innovative solutions. eMoney has enterprise relationships with 9 of the 15 largest insurance companies, over 100 of the nation’s most successful broker/dealers and many of the nation’s leading advisory firms.

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